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Frequently Asked Questions


Can I come in non-shaved to show you the areas I need treated?

A: Yes, we can certainly shave you.  Please note there is a $10 fee per area we need to shave.


Can I be in the sun?

A:  It’s always recommended you sustain from sun exposure 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after your laser session.  This is so you do not hyper pigment.


Why can I not use Retinol or take antibiotics when doing laser?

A:  Retinol, Vitamin A and Antibiotics can make your skin photo-sensitive.  This could cause a reaction, rash or hyperpigmentation.


What if I’m on my period?  Can I still do Brazilian?

A: Yes.  Our nurses are trained to work with any sensitivity issues and you can wear a tampon.


Do I have to shave the same day I come in?

A:  Not necessarily.  You may shave the night before to avoid sensitivity. 


Can I laser and do a facial on the same day?

A:  Generally it’s not recommended you do anything additional to your skin for at least 24 hours.  Any laser types of facials should be done at least 2 weeks later.


Can I work out after laser?

A:  Yes, just no hot or heat related activities such as hot yoga, saunas or hot tubs.


What I pluck, thread or wax if I'm doing laser?

A: You must wait at least 2 weeks to come in after doing any of these and you must continue shaving the entire time you laser thereafter. 



Sessions and Appointments

How do I know how many sessions do I have left?

A:  You can look that up for you and you can also check that by logging into your Client Profile on our website or the Mindbody app.


Do my sessions expire?

A:  Your sessions never expire.  Even if our system tries to expire them, we reset them so you are free to use at your leisure.


I was charged for a no-show and I called.  How do I get that session back?

A:  For small to medium size treatments, you can reinstate them by paying the $25-$50 late cancellation fee.  For large to extra large appoints or facials it’s $50


How long between each laser sessions do I book?

A:  Laser for face – 4 weeks; torso 6 weeks; legs 8 weeks


How many sessions will it take to be done?

A:  Everyone’s body is different and hormones control our hair growth so it’s hard to ever predict how many sessions someone will need to be compete done.  The recommendation for everyone though is to start with 6 sessions on an areas if it’s not been treated before.  After that we sell 3 pks and individual sessions.


Do you treat brows?

A:  Generally we don’t because we do not get near the eye area with the laser.


My hair did not fall out, what happened?

A:  Hair grows in cycles.  Laser treatments weaken the blood flow to the hair follicle therefore it dies of gradually. Hair does not automatically fall out when lasered.


Can I stop laser and come back to it later?

A:  Yes although consistency is key since we don’t want the hair to regain strength, you can stop treatments and pick them up later.  You just might need to do extra touch ups if your hair growth regains strength.


Can I treat while being pregnant or breastfeeding?

A:  It is not recommended and the RN is instructed to not treat.


Can you laser over my tattoo?

A:  No the laser is designed to pick up pigment below the skin.  A tattoo will be damaged if we laser over it.


What are my options for booking my next appointment?

A:  You may book over the phone, on our website here or via the Mindbody app.


Can I book with a specific nurse or choose the room/machine I want to be in?

A:  We can always do our best to book you with your favorite nurse but we do not ever guarantee it since their schedules do change often.  To best monitor who you are booked with, please log into your account online or via the Mindbody app.  We do not offer choice of laser machine.


Can I split a package up with my friend/family member?

A:  All clients must be booked individually and have their own packages for our booking system to properly check them out.


What if I don’t want the full Brazilian?

A:  We offer treatments by the body part so anything inside the panty line is considered part of the Brazilian.  You can leave behind anything you don’t want treated by not shaving it so the nurse knows where to stop.


Why do I need to talk to a doctor or nurse practitioner before treating?

A:  In many states it is a legal requirement.  If you are being asked to speak to a nurse or doctor before treatment it is because your state requires it.




What are the different size areas?

A:  Small is generally lip, chin, sideburns, hands, feet, navel or breasts.  Medium is full face, lower arms, shoulders, buttocks or underarms.  Large is back, chest, full arms, Brazilian, upper leg, lower leg.  Xtra Large is full back and shoulders, full chest and abs, full legs.  See Full Body Chart


Can I combine a couple areas on a Groupon?

A:  Our system is set up for one body part per Groupon vouchers therefore they many not be split.


What kind of discount can I get?

A:  We offer discounts on your first visit or at redemption of your Groupon voucher.


I only have a few hairs here, do I need to buy the whole area or can you charge me less?

A:  Since all bodies and hair growth are different, we only charge by the body part, not amount of hair.


Can I buy more than one Groupon?

A:  The policy and fine print is one Groupon per client.  You may buy more than one as a gift.

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